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Climate Change through politicians eyes

Contributed by on August 29, 2016 at 3:10 am


During the primaries time, both leading candidates are talking about climate change problems. If for Mrs. Clinton climate change is the global question of the first importance, Mr. Trump believes that it is a mythical problem. And as far as we can see, Clinton’s words fit with reality better.
Americans have already felt the consequences of air pollution and global warming this spring when researchers noted the change of the direction in the citizens’ migration across the USA. People felt an abnormal heat and started to look for the better condition and new work at the North.
Apparently, Trump did not notice these changes in our nature. He believes that global warming is just another excuse to raise the taxes. Trump assured coal miners that he will reanimate this industry on the full power.
In the program of Clinton is to spend 60 billion dollars from the budget on the conversion to the clean energy from dirty fuels. She believes that with her as a leader of the USA, the state till 2025 will cut by 30 percent poison gases throwing to the atmosphere than it was in 2005.
And to do something is very important because the Earth is warming according to all measurements. According to the scientists, Earth is beating its own record right now, by having 15 months of constant abnormal heat. This year has all the chances to become the hottest, leaving 2010 behind.
The new norm for the temperature had its negative impact on the ice from the Arctic sea, which according to the latest data from NASA are melting without restoring even by half.