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Clay Matthews Set for Healthy 2011 Season

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Clay Matthews Set for Healthy 2011 Season

Last season was a testing season for Green Bay Packers player Clay Matthews who had to play through the discomfort of pain for numerous weeks during last season.

Matthews, the Green Bay linebacker said earlier this week that he had suffered midway through the 2010 season a stress fracture in his left leg. He admitted that the fracture hurt very badly. He said that initially he did not know what to relate the pain to, but continued to play.

Matthews required time from the grueling practice sessions for recovering from the fracture, but the injury did not let him play each week. He said that his leg was ok by the end of the season, and it did not hold him back from taking the Packers move into the Super Bowl and win.

He said that he would not have played for the Packers if he was going to harm the team. Matthews at the end of 2010 season ended with a team high of 17 sacks. He took about a month off after the victory over Pittsburgh to train at home, during an offseason that was filled with NFL lockouts. He wanted to start the 2011 season pain free. He only missed one practice session, after the storms blocked his flight in Lambeau Field.

Matthews is set to appear and play in today’s postseason match against Cleveland. However, his participation is uncertain in the match. He has not received confirmation from the coaches about his participation. He has agreed for only one preseason game, because of problems associated with recurring hamstring injuries. The coach does not think Matthews requires live reps in the NFL preseason clashes. Matthews said that it is not necessary for him to take part in the preseason games, since he did the same last season and came to the first season game fully ready.

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