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Chris Johnson to Become the Highest Paid Running Back

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Chris Johnson to Become the Highest Paid Running Back

Chris Johnson is set to become the highest paid running back by the Tennessee Titans in the history of National Football League (NFL). The only thing now left is for Johnson to appear for the training camp and sign the documents.

Tennessee Titan’s General Manager, Mike Reinfeldt told reporters that as soon as the NFL lockout was lifter, Johnson was the first person to be contacted so that they can talk about making a deal. He made his comments on Thursday to the Associated Press. In 2010, the Titans had reworked the contract of Smith, so that he gets more money for the year 2010. He was also promised that his contract will be reworked in 2011 to pay more. The Titan’s are hoping that Johnson shows up for their training camp before the existing extension is completed.

Reinfeldt said that they liked for him to go in, even though Johnson had more than two years left in his contract. He said that getting him to the practice sessions was something that they need to do. They are also proud of making Johnson one of the highest paid players in the history of NFL.

Johnson’s agent has not responded to the reports of the increased pay offer form the Titans. However, Johnson said that he was surprised about the Titan Coach boasting about making him the highest paid NFL running back. He said that his agent might have received an offer, but he wasn’t sure that there was any offer.

Johnson in 2008 was draft picked by the Titan’s and was the 24th overall pick. He is the sixth player in the history of NFL to run for around 2,000 yards in the year 2009. He is also a three time Pro Bowler. He is due more than around $1 million instead of the $850k that was originally scheduled in the contract revisions last year.

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