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Can Australians allow themselves to buy all the food they want?

Contributed by on May 2, 2016 at 6:54 am

New groceries appear so quickly that Australians can choose among the huge variety and find one or two that they like. They can choose the accommodation, names, own experience and advice from friends.

However, the main question still remains the same. Fresh food costs too much for many Australians, and they can not afford to buy fruits and vegetables every day.

The official report of Spend Sacrifice is shocking. It appears that the biggest bills from the food stores Australians receive for buying fresh dishes. It shows that 88 percent of Australians feel a pressure on their wallets and prefer to avoid fresh meat, vegetables and fruits every day.

It is the highest concern of Australia citizens. The next one is petrol costs. Energy bills make unhappy and worry almost 78 percent of Aussies. It is not hard to guess that the next concern is about rent cost. It worries 65 percent of respondents.

According to Abigail Koch, the spokesperson from Spend Sacrifice website, the main expenses in the budget of Australian families come from fresh fish, meat and veggies.

She admits that it is the biggest pressure on the budget in Australia. The pressure feels even harder because Australians have to pay for the food in the store while for many other items they receive bills once in a month.

The petrol costs are lower than it was months ago. However, drivers do not hurry to trust that they will not change. They still feel pressure from these numbers.

According to the main statistic for the past five years, prices on the food and non-alcoholic drinks were increased by 2.5 percent. The main increase was noticed from 2010 to 2014 year.

Australians begin to save money on the coffee during the work and to use the launch break to eat cheap fast food.