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Canadians plant trees in Windsor

Contributed by on April 29, 2016 at 6:54 am

During the Earth Day in Essex, hundreds of Volunteers decided to come to McHugh Park and plant trees there. These trees will not only decorate the empty atmosphere but also supply citizens with a fresh air.

On April 24 the region Conservation Authority of Essex decided to organize an open-air activity for the Earth Day.

We all know the dangerous level of pollution around the World. Human beings prefer to take everything that Earth is giving, without any response.

Earth Day was created to remind people about nature and attention that people can give it. Step by step Conservation Authority is working on solving nature problems, developing different programs to support our land.

This is not the first time when people are gathering to plant the trees. Every year volunteers gather for a planting holiday. This time is 18th.

This year the number of volunteers was amazing. Almost 1 000 people came to help their environment. During the event, according to the official data, they planted 2 000 trees, that are native to this area.

They also planted different types of shrubs to decorate this park.

Canadian Cleanup group of Detroit River brought all the trees that later were planted by caring people.

Officials, during their speech, admitted that it does not really important what day is it on your calendar you can make it Earth Day. Our home is desperate and it needs any help we can give.

They also noticed many teenagers in the crowd who came to take part in the event when they were children at the first time. They came to plant the trees every year and have the same plans for the future.

Danielle Breault Stuebing stated that every child has to think about recycling, be aware of water and air pollution, and protect the environment as much as they can.