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Canada did not show the best results in the environmental protection

Contributed by on February 25, 2016 at 6:41 am

It is not a time to be upset. However, Canadians feel like they could show better results. According to the report of the Conference Board Canada is on the fourteenth place among sixteen countries in the question of protecting the environment from pollution and industrial damage.

Another two countries that happened to fail the nature around them are USA and Canada. However, Canadians are best comparing to many other countries that were not even included this list.

Canada received the grade “D” during the Conference Board.

The data was gathered according to nine important indicators of nature safety. It includes freshwater systems, air pollution, control over the climate change etc.

Canada is almost the worse among all 16 countries in air pollution. The 20.7 tons of carbon dioxide is smaller than USA and Australia’s numbers. However, this number is terrifying.

Not everything is so bad for Canada. The country received an “A” grade to saving an electricity. It received the energy from the low-emitting sources. According to the official data, the 80 percent of all electricity is received that way. Before the Canada in this question is only Norway, France, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The most provinces of Canada failed the test with the exception of Ontario. It received “B”. It is hard to believe, but there is also D minus for many provinces, like Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. D received Manitoba. Quebec, P.E.I. and British Columbia have “C”.

These results can be excused partly by the cold climate on some territories, economy and land mass. However, during the Conference participants understood that it must be done a lot of work to save Canadian lands as beautiful as they are now.

Canadians have to admit that there is a problem of climate pollution and it must be nowadays solution.