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Buy your own Dodo skeleton at the auction

Contributed by on August 26, 2016 at 3:17 am

It is not a joke. All fans of history and biology or just passionate collectors of unique rare things can finally receive something really valuable to their collections.
If you are a fan of Lewis Carroll, you probably will appreciate this lot. The skeleton is almost complete. And it is the first time in a hundred years when you can buy it at the auction.
This kind of birds no longer exists. And still. One very devoted collector gathered the whole skeleton, bone by bone.
He started to buy Dodo parts since 1970’s and finally complete his masterpiece. So, now he wants to sell it at the British Summers Place Auctions.
The skeleton is almost completely recreated, except only one claw and a small section of the skull which will be reconstructed to the auction.
Different parts of Dodo skeleton could be found from time to time at the different sales during past century, but it is the first almost fully complete since 1914 year.
Director of the auction, Rupert van der Werff, says that it is rare and unique opportunity to buy this example of extinction, completely gathered.
There is no price for the skeleton for now, however, it is expected to be one of the most expensive lots at the auction.
According to the head of the auction, they expect to receive the sum with six figures in it due to the uniqueness of the estimate.
Dodo is a symbol of the negative impact that humankind can leave on the environment.