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Australian company wants to raise organic market

Contributed by on May 3, 2016 at 6:53 am

Innovate Ag is a corporation that has already become famous for their fresh and very creative ideas. Now, the company does not want to waste their time, waiting for a miracle on the organic goods. They want to supply food sector with the fresh products as quick as possible.

They will not just throw money into the dark deep pit. They want to receive quick results.

The specialists from the company worked more than 10 years to develop a new program that will restart fresh grocery business on a high speed.

Their main innovation is an organic pesticide that the company will recommend to use on their products.

They hope that it will give them more clients and recharge all food industry. They think it will be possible to accelerate all the fresh organic business in Australia.

At least, that is what Nick Watts, the co-founder of the company says. He stated that the Innovate Ag began their experiments in 2007 year and now the process is ready to implement inside the food industry.

It must be noted that Australia is one of the top countries that have a huge interest in a fresh organic food. It developed the industry that according to the world ratings is worth of $734 million. Each year it has an increase with 13.9 percent.

This industry can not afford to rely on local supplies because of the high level of demands. They have to buy food outside the country. However, all Australian companies, from the biggest to the smallest are ready to change their suppliers if local farms will be able to handle all their orders.

One of the biggest companies in Australia, Bellamy’s says that it will be easier for them to work with locals.

Innovate Ag plans to give that opportunity to both farmers and Australian brands.