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Attorneys Struggling to Keep Up with Rising Gay Divorce Rates

Contributed by on February 9, 2015 at 2:37 pm

February 9, 2015 – Louisville judge Joseph O-Reilly granted permission recently for two women to become divorced, according to sources. As of January 2015, Kentucky law forbids recognizing gay marriages, but is already recognizing same-sex divorce. “The state is ahead of the game,” said Public Marriage Analyst Gregory Hamden.

The marriage of Alysha Romero and Rebecca Sue Romero was effectively dissolved. The divorce sparked a surge of analyst, political, and activist commentary. Some said how could the state grant a divorce to something it won’t recognize that exists. Despite the bickering, Hamden has revealed additional insight into a rising trend across the nation.

“The actual numbers have not been released yet, so I’m not inclined to reveal them,” he said. “Among my colleagues and chatter across legal websites, there is a substantial increase in gay divorces.”

An unidentified legal firm in Massachusetts has denied suspending new client approvals, in addition to a reported waitlist for divorcing couples. They couldn’t take a call, which was not a surprise. The last time a reporter called, the automated message said the firm was on vacation.

“Burnout among attorneys is a real concern here,” Hamden added.

At the University of Louisville, there is ongoing research as to how many same-sex couples have sought divorce in the state. Reports suggest these numbers have increased dramatically in the past few months. Experts suggest this may create a political strain which could soon lead to Kentucky being the go-to-state for gay divorce.