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Armstrong and X-O Manowar Characters Coming to the Big Screen

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xo manowarComic book films are always a hot commodity in the movie business. But with the two biggest names in the industry, Marvel and DC Comics, tied up in other projects, smaller publishers are attracting more attention.

According to a report from the New York Times, Beijing’s DMG Entertainment is set to make a 9-figure deal to bring Valiant Entertainment characters to the big screen. Reportedly, the company will invest $10 million in the small NY-based publisher, and an additional $100 million to produce films. For fans of Valiant characters, this could mean X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Harbinger and Dr. Mirage may be heading to the big screen and television.

Valiant accounts for just 1% of the comic book market, while Marvel and DC account for 60% combined. But Valiant brings something to the table that the two biggest publishers do not: a wide range of characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The publisher is already working on projects based on Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong. Other projects, including a film of teen superhero Harbinger may also be in the works. Harbinger was originally in development by Paramount with Brett Ratner as director, but Valiant regained the rights to the film in 2013. Four other characters (or character teams) are also being considered for films, including X-O Manowar, Dr. Mirage, Quantum & Woody, Ninjak.

As a result of DMG’s investment, the company will develop movies for the U.S. and China. New projects will also be developed specifically for the Asian market, including theme parks, toys, apparel and Chinese-language publishing.

Valiant was founded in 1989 by Jim Shooter, former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, and Bob Layton. The company has exchanged hands a few times since then, but Peter Cuneo, ex-chief executive of Marvel, is current chairman of the company. Cuneo has gone on the record to say that he intends to transform Valiant into “Marvel 2.0

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