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AdWords Now Updates Search Query Data More Frequently

Contributed by on March 16, 2015 at 4:14 pm

Paying for search termsJon Diorio, Google AdWords Group Product Manager, announced on Friday that AdWords data will now be updated more frequently. Aside from search query data, other bits of information, such as automatic placements and geographic performance, will also be refreshed more frequently.

Most sets of data, including impressions, clicks and conversions, are updated every three hours. Other types of data, on the other hand, were only refreshed once per day before the new update. Now, geographic performance and automatic placements data will be available in as little as six hours.

Data involving auction insights, impression share and top movers will still only be updated once per day. It’s important to note that this data is processed in Pacific Time, so you’ll need to take your time zone into account when determining when your data will be available.

Goals imported from Google Analytics will still be imported daily. However, this data won’t be available in your conversion statistics for 24-72 hours, depending on your time zone.

Google updated its page on “Determining your data’s freshness” to reflect these new changes in a new chart. The chart takes into account different time zones, including London and Tokyo, to help AdWords users determine when their data will be available.