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5 Effective E-Commerce Marketing Tips

Contributed by on December 25, 2014 at 2:56 am

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A new year is approaching and you want innovative ways to market your e-commerce.  Below are some excellent tips to begin with.

Use Data-Driven Marketing

Getting personal information from prospects gives you a feel of their character and personality. These are individuals who make public posts about their interest on their online profiles. This information can come from forms they fill out to find out what your business is about. From this, you can deliver favorable content that will persuade prospects to purchase your product.

User-Generated Content Works Wonders

People tend to put more stock in ratings, reviews and photos than technical marketing techniques because they view these as a more dependable source for product value. Reportedly, ratings and reviews were found to be a far more reliable strategy for marketing to improve SEO and sales.  Buyers want information from people like them; other buyers who give them the truth about your product.

Engagement-Based Program

Marketing via word of mouth from users through a loyalty program is a key element.  User generated content displayed for prospects to read and glean information about your product will lead to sales, which will, in turn, lead to more reviews that will turn out more sales.  Business owners can obtain loyalty programs apps to coincide with their ecommerce platform from Shopify.

Shopping Availability for Other Languages

A truly ingenious marketing technique is to cater to foreign buyers.  Non United States buyers account for $300 million of U.S. seasonal sales.  E-commerce companies fail to make their online companies available to both English as well as non-English speaking prospects.  The majority of foreign customers who prefer making purchase in their own language are from Japan.

‘Market’ Your Site

Provide information about your online business on your other websites and blogs.  Put in basic information like location, email, products and services.  Many marketers fail to put valuable information like this in plain sight for buyers.