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1 in 100 Teens Dreams of Creating Own Social Media Site

Contributed by on January 16, 2015 at 4:22 am

Kids in social network. Child looks to the tablet computer. SociJanuary 15, 2015 – A new report by the American Society of Statistics reveals that 1 in 100 teens dreams regularly of creating and operating their very own social media website. In depth dream analysis was used to determine direct and indirect correlations. The report, “Research Into Teenage Dreams and the Innate Desire for Adolescent Humans to Attain Social Media Ownership” involved a study with an error ratio of +/- 50%.


When asked what type of social media site they’d create, 22% said Facebook. Another 36% said they’d create a social website to do homework on, while 77% said they’d talk to friends. Less than 7%, interestingly, said they would create their own dating site. There was some overlap in the metrics. There was also 1.5% who said they would create a social portal for made up statistics.


Participants were also asked whether they knew how to create a social media website. The results – 45% said no, 45% said yes, and 10% said they would never tell.


In all, 185 teenagers were queried via an anonymous online portal.


“Apparently America’s teens have a lot on their minds,” Professor Declan Dinkins of the Universal Institute said. “Why not have a social media portal of their own. After all, these whippersnappers have their heads in the cloud anyway.”


In a related report, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology launched a preliminary hearing Tuesday to set an age threshold of who is legally permitted to create a social media website, like that would stop someone anyway.