Both sides agreed to a five-day humanitarian ceasefire, scheduled to behind late Tuesday. He told reporters he planned to meet with various parties, including the rebel Houthis, and ensure that the ceasefire holds.

SANAA, Yemen – Yemen fell quiet on Wednesday, May 13, for the first time since a Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes against Iran-backed rebels on March 26, as a humanitarian truce appeared to be holding.

The 15-member Council expressed concern for the “severe humanitarian consequences” of the ongoing violence.

Another question was how aid would be delivered in a vast, insecure nation that has suffered heavy damage to key logistics infrastructure, including airports, harbors, bridges and roads.

Saudi officials say this will allow deliveries of relief supplies into the country.

The Red Cross said a longer ceasefire was needed. The number of casualties may rise as many injured were in critical condition with no sufficient medical care due to shortages of medicines, ” said Tamim, a senior medical official.

“It´s an issue of command and control and all it takes is one aggressive battalion commander to undo it, ” said Wehrey, a US Air Force veteran.

“We are convinced there is no solution to Yemen’s problem except through a dialogue, which must be Yemeni, ” the envoy, Mauritanian diplomat Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, was quoted as saying by Saba news agency.

“We hope this truce becomes permanent”.

The U.N. envoy is already meeting with Mohammed Abulahoum, a mediator involved in the upcoming pause, two Yemeni officials told CNN.

Late Monday, a missile depot in San’a was hit, killing 40 people, according to Tamim Al Shami, a spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Health Ministry. Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Gahtani said, without detailing their nationalities.

On Tuesday, Saudi-led airstrikes hit three weapons depots in the capital, Sanaa.

Saudi Brig. Gen Ahmed Asiri said no ship would be permitted to reach Yemen unless there was prior coordination with the coalition.

He also accused the Houthi rebels of manning checkpoints that prevented civilians from leaving, in effect using them as human shields.

“Entirely up to the Houthis”.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated on Tuesday that a summit between US and Gulf leaders this week would focus on the alleged threat of Iran to the stability of the Middle East. “This is, I believe, a chance for the Houthis to show that they care about their people and they care about the Yemeni people”. Zaydis, followers of a Shiite doctrine that is exists almost exclusively in Yemen, account for just under a third of Yemen’s estimated 25 million, mostly Sunni people.

The Huthis’ ties to regional rival Iran have rattled the Gulf Arab states and they remain the strongest force in Yemen’s civil war.

Strike… smoke and dust rise from Al-Qahira castle, an ancient fortress that was recently taken over by Shiite rebels, following a Saudi-led air strike in Taiz city, Yemen.

But behind this explanation lies the influence of Iran in the region.

Warren also said the Pentagon was monitoring the Iranian ship.

Bloody clashes were also reported in the central province of Baida, as well as coalition airstrikes on a Houthi-held camp in Marib province, east of Sanaa.

Yemen strikes continue ahead of ceasefire

Yemen strikes continue ahead of ceasefire

Yemen strikes continue ahead of ceasefire