The article was titled, “why late night television is better than ever”, but the cover photo only included men.

The piece notes that two late night shows hosted by women, Samantha Bee’s for TBS and Chelsea Handler’s for Netflix, are slated to debut in 2016.

Vanity Fair published a feature Monday (Sept. 14) about how late-night television is “revitalized” and “better than ever”, featuring a photo of 10 hosts together, laughing and drinking.

Of course, it’s not Vanity Fair’s fault that there is absolutely no diversity in the late night world, but perhaps they could have pointed out their absence, instead of celebrating uniformity.

More than that, the photo is shot on a white background, lit with what appears to be white light, meaning that everyone in the shot looks similarly beige, stripping Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore of their heritage while presenting an even more homogenized and whitewashed vision of late-night than actually exists.

Despite regular calls for a female host to take the reins on a late night slot – including from late night legends David Letterman and Jay Leno, who “conveniently” articulated their thoughts long after their departures – the late night landscape remains uncomfortably male, as Vanity Fair’s own article couldn’t ignore.

In May, Samantha Bee released a teaser trailer for her TBS show. However, the next version of this story’s opening picture will be that much brighter.

It’s a common knowledge that late night is something of a boys’ club.

But something is clearly missing here, right? Bee says she’s “kind of done with sausages” and eventually exclaims I’m “female as f-“.

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