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The Best Bill Management Apps for the iPhone

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Whether you are organising a loan, managing your weekly budget or sorting out who should pay what at the restaurant, you can always do with a little bit of electronic help to save time and cash.

If you own an Apple iPhone, then you may already have the right kit to help you manage bills in your pocket and here are the best apps designed to get the job done in a jiffy.

Money Smart is a good starting app, available for 59p, giving you the right tools to calculate your expenses, loan repayments, keep up with your household bills and even budget for a holiday or business trip.

MerCalc is an app that is packed with an impressive array of pre-programmed calculations and various related skins that will let you work out savings and even establish how long it would take you to scrimp and save before you had amassed a million pounds.

If you are regularly trying to deduct VAT from bills but have to do the sums each time, try the VAT Free Calculator app, which lets you change the VAT to compensate for increased or decreased rates and get instant deductions that are easy to understand.

Those who need to track multiple bills and loan payments over a long period should turn to iSpreadSheet, an app that essentially squeezes the functionality of Excel onto your iPhone with cross platform compatibility.

People who spend a lot of time on the road for work should use FYI Mileage, a great app designed to measure the miles you cover and let you attach specific details as relevant in order to catalogue trips.

This makes it easy to claim back precise amounts when it comes to totting up petrol and other travel costs if you are going to put it on expenses.

If you have a hard time working out how much tax you should be paying at the end of the year, then the UK Tax Calculator app will be a sensible purchase.

It can provide you with details of all your UK tax and National Insurance contributions just based on a few pieces of information and if you have your tax code, its readings will be all the more accurate.

For working out the bills after a meal with friends and to avoid arguments, try iHandy Tip Calculator, which not only looks great but is also easy to use.

There are a whole world of similar bill calculating apps available, but this is perhaps the best for its clean, simple interface and non-nonsense operation.

People who like to know precisely when various bills and loan repayments are set to be withdrawn from their accounts should invest in Billtracker.

Integrating with a handy calendar function, it will quickly show you on which days of the month money will be leaving your account and it can even be programmed to alert you when it is getting close to a loan payment date.

People who go abroad and do not want to be ripped off should pick up Currency, an app that will convert many different foreign denominations, so that you do not have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

If you are happy for fork out the £3 asking price, then the premium bill and loan management app PocketMoney might be worth an investment. It combines budgeting for you and your partner, letting you get a snapshot of your finances as and when required.

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