Doctor Julius Drilon, chief of CLMMRH, said the hospital has been preparing for patients suspected to have Mers-CoV.

South Korea on Wednesday said it would waive visa fees for visitors from China and Southeast Asia as it struggles to recover from the Mers outbreak that has sent tourist numbers plummeting. Around 300 Chinese nationals were reported to have cancelled their flights immediately after the outbreak was reported at the end of May. It will focus on financing MERS-hit businesses and reinforcing quarantine facilities, as well as creating more jobs.

“We plan to continue to speak to the families and offer help according to their needs”. The 81-year-old died Monday.

Health Department Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, in a statement Thursday, said the World Health Organisation (WHO) had not issued a ban on travels to countries affected by MERS-CoV, including South Korea, thus far.

It brought to 184 the total number of people diagnosed with MERS in the largest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia.

Also, 90 per cent of all deceased patients either had preexisting medical conditions, including cancer, heart, lung or kidney diseases, or were aged 50 or older.

Now, University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) scientists and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., have discovered and validated two therapeutics that show early promise in preventing and treating the disease, which can cause severe respiratory symptoms, and has a death rate of 40 percent.

She is the fifth member of Samsung Medical Center’s staff to have been infected with the virus while providing treatment. Some hospitals are still being monitored as potential MERS patients remain in their incubation period.

The 22-trillion-won ($19.6 billion) fiscal stimulus will include a 12-trillion-won extra budget-mostly to be funded by issuing government debt-and various state funds.

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