fat smoker Smoking is now the Number One Cause of Preventable DeathSmoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the US. Cigarette smoke can add to the woes of even non-smokers.  According to Americans for Non-smoker’s Rights, an estimated 53,000 people die each year from the effects of second-hand smoke.Being in an enclosed room with tobacco smoke can inflame a person’s allergies and asthma. However, anti-allergenic medicines like anti-histamines don’t help non-smokers because tobacco smoke strictly speaking is not an allergen.  However, smoke particles are an irritant which can worsen an allergic reaction and even cause an asthma attack.

When a non-asthmatic smoker inhales smoke s/he might start to wheeze and cough uncontrollably, mimicking an asthma attack. This is because smoking irritates the airways for both asthmatic and non-asthmatic alike.  The airways become swollen, narrow and full of mucus.  The asthmatic can use rescue medication, quick-relief fast-acting medication taken through an inhaler or nebulizer.  These loosen the muscles around inflamed airways. Symptoms can be relieved almost immediately.

What can people do to avoid such predicaments?  First, non-smokers can avoid enclosed smokers’ areas.   Second, if you smoke, quit, or at least smoke less.  One can consult a physician for a program to stop smoking.  There are a variety of herbal cures as well as medications like Chantix and Welbutrim.  Because of possible side-effects, one should always use these medications while under the care of a physician.  Asthmatics and people with smoke allergies should not smoke themselves as well as avoiding areas where there is likely to be smoke.
A final suggestion to both smokers and non-smokers, whether asthmatic, allergic to smoke, or healthy:  exercise daily if possible.  It will help the asthmatic strengthen the muscles necessary for fighting off an attack.  Exercise will provide the endorphins necessary to living a happy life.  Some evidence suggests that the endorphins released by a cigarette have a very strong effect, adding to Cigarettes’ addictive strength.  Evidence also suggests that running, swimming and the like, particular if they areaerobics also release endorphins.   The best advice to smokers and non-smokers alike is to avoid smoke as much as possible and get some exercise.  It can’t kill you.
Smoking is now the Number One Cause of Preventable Death