Manige Osowski said she and her family visited the Wendy’s in Arvada October. 8 and her young daughter discovered a playing card in her kids meal toy that someone had covered in profanity and racial slurs.


Osowski couldn’t believe it when her daughter opened the toy to see the note.

Two employees at a Colorado Wendy’s restaurant have been fired after the fast-food chain said they put a racist note in a kid’s meal. Inside that pack of cards was a handwritten note which included the N-word.

She returned to the restaurant soon after the incident and spoke with the manager who scolded the staff and ripped up a card. Osowski says she refused to leave the store without the derogatory card and the manager “called the police and had her removed from the store”.

It’s unclear why the employees wrote the note, but Wendy’s said it acted quickly and terminated their employment.

They added they took swift action and claimed their brand focuses on treating people with respect. “My child is now very aware of what racism is and what that word means and it’s because of this card”. “We investigated and responded swiftly, and the two employees who were involved are no longer with Wendy’s“.

“This is something that is not the culture of Wendy’s“, said Wendy’s spokeswoman Candis Goins. “I said, ‘Remember we talked about slavery?’ She said yes, and I said, ‘This is one of the words they used back then to make black people feel bad.’ She said, ‘Why did they give it to me?’ and I told her I didn’t know”.

Osowski and other community members organized a protest in front of Wendy’s on Tuesday.

Wendy's racist note in kid's meal


Racist note found in Colorado Wendy’s kids meal