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Proxima b may be the closest inhabited planet to the Earth

Contributed by on August 25, 2016 at 6:10 am


Are we alone living creature in the Universe? The truth is, we don’t know it for sure. And a new research that has found another exoplanet, closest to us in the Universe can bring some light on this question.
Scientists worked on this research for many years, and finally, they confirmed that Proxima b rocky planet that is situated at the orbit of Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to Earth’s sun.
This planet is situated inside the inhabited area of the star. This means that the water in the liquid condition can exist on this planet. Scientists believe that this planet can also have a life on it. And outside the solar system, it is our nearest neighbor.
Scientists hope that thanks to the close location, our robotic machines will be able to explore the surface of this planet in the next centuries.
The main author of the study, Ansgar Peiners says that it is close to Earth, and this is good news for us. Astronomers can continue the observation of this planet, thanks to the location of Proxima b.
The Proxima Centauri has a tight connection with the Alpha Centauri’s binary star, the neighbor of the sun.
As for the Proxima b planet, it is situated in the 4.2 light years far from our system. It is 266000 longer distance between sun and Earth.
Scientists made discoveries of other possible exoplanets, as TRAPPIST-1, for example, but all of them were “close” in 40 light years far.