The Taliban claim shooting down a NATO helicopter in Afghanistan last Thursday, while the US-led coalition maintains the area was void of any militant activity.
There were no casualties in the crash and the helicopter’s crew was recovered after the crash. NATO has deemed the cause of the incident as under investigation. The crash occurred in Afghanistan’s Parwan province.
Also, villagers in east Afghanistan were protesting the deaths of civilians due to a coalition airstrike that took place in the Khost province earlier this week.
The civilians were killed on Tuesday in a fight between an Afghan-led security force and insurgents. The Afghans were in the quest for the leader of the Haqqani network which is a known militant group with ties with both Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
A coalition was called to the scene to support the ground troops as they were under attack from rocket-propelled grenades as well as small arms fire. According to the coalition, the helicopter neutralized many insurgents as well as unintentionally killing some family members of the insurgents who were living with rebels
According to an Afghan army commander, six of his fighters and their family members were killed whereas 13 people including Haqqani’s leader were also killed.
 NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan on Thursday
NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan on Thursday