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Humans change climate since the early 1800s

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And, probably, it is not the exact picture. Scientists can operate with these dates only because they have found the first notes about anthropogenic (human-made) climate change.
The problem of climate change existed much longer than we thought. Researchers from Nature article told us that the new data may give us new evidence that our Earth may be not so sensitive to the emissions of greenhouse gas. The new data can have a great influence on the future research of human-caused changes in climate and how to save the planet.
Researchers took the records of paleoclimate for the last 500 years and found out that the first evidence of global warming was first noticed in 1830, at the Northern Hemisphere, and also tropical oceans. The main reason for these changes was in the gas pollution of the industrial era.
Nerilie Abram, the leading author, the paleoclimatologist from Australia, says that the new discovery cannot change all the information that we have about 20 and 21st centuries pollution, however, it extends the whole story.
Even having this date, Abram does not feel that this was the start of a story. She states that in 1880s people began to notice the changes, to lead more organized style of life, but that does not mean that it all started there.
It is clear to her that pollution in the 1880s was the product of human activity.
Twenty-five scientists from across the world worked on this research, including 10 scientists from PAGES 2k Consortium, the group that studies our past for making our future better. Researchers recreated possible climate of that time on the land and ocean. Reconstruction helped to understand that the climate has suffered from changes even before the pre-industrial historical period.