SEO Google Disavow Tool Is Not The Best Solution As Some Webmasters Have LearnedThe latest Penguin update from Google generated a lot of concern for webmasters. There were significant drops in rank and traffic for many websites because there were unnatural or spam links pointing to them.


Many webmasters have used the Google Disavow tool as a way to deal with the links that are pointing to their website. However, this is not the best solution. Google has recommended that people write letters to the webmasters of the site where the link is located in order to have it removed manually. If it is a page that a person can afford to 404, it may be another viable solution.


Google has experienced a number of people who have used the disavow tool to deal with low-quality links as the first step in the plan to improve SEO ranking. However, this is not what Google wants webmasters to do. They want everyone to make a significant effort to clean up the links on their own. This has even involved a warning being placed on the page where the disavow tool is located.


Before someone submits a link, they now read a warning that says people should “make every effort” to clean up the links on one’s own.


Google goes on to explain that the disavow tool should be used with caution because it is an advanced feature. There are currently rumors going around that state humans are responsible for reviewing the Google disavow tool. Google is able to assess with links can be trusted without further guidance and therefore mainstream sites do not have to use such a tool.


Using the disavow tool incorrectly can harm a site’s performance in the search results. Those that do not follow the rules are seeing their own SEO damaged instead of the site that they are reporting. Webmasters are learning the hard way that if they don’t want low-quality links to point to their site, they need to figure out a way to clean it up on their own.


Google is trying to get rid of the spam on the internet, but they want people to clean up their own messes, too.

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Google Disavow Tool Is Not The Best Solution As Some Webmasters Have Learned