organic food store ownersGoogle My Business has been updated. The long awaited update gives businesses more control over the way that their photos are displayed in both map and search results. Introduced this week, the update enables businesses to customize the way their business appears to potential customers.

Primarily a photo update, users can enter the photo interface and are provided with a walkthrough. Businesses can select from six categories: interior and exterior photos, identity and team photos, and photos at work and additional photos. Hints are given along the way to help businesses determine which photo category to choose.

Under the identity section, businesses will be able to select their profile photo, logo and even their cover photo. These are the photos that will be displayed in search and the knowledge graph.

The identity section is the most important to business owners. Under this section, owners will be able to choose a preferred image. This is the image businesses would like to appear on Maps and Search, but many users state that there is no guarantee that the image will be displayed all the time.

Subtle but pertinent changes were also made to allow a primary category for business locations. Within this category, businesses are urged to share one category only. Every location must choose one category. Multiple location types are also supported.

Google’s update allows businesses to take further control of how their business is presented on Google. Restaurants are encouraged to show pictures of mouth-watering food, while hotels are encouraged to show interior shots of rooms guests can book. These subtle changes are meant to make the search experience better for users and encourage businesses to keep up-to-date with their Google Local listings.

Businesses can log into the site either on the web or through the Android or iOS apps to update their profile and photos immediately.

Google My Business Update Gives Businesses More Control