A modder named xxdeathknight77xx on Nexus has found the harpoon gun which was buried in Fallout 4’s list, likely after Bethesda decided that it didn’t fit within their plans. Well, you might want to refrain from doing that unless you want your saved files to be corrupted.


Hines also talked about the fact that Bethesda as a company is not a big fan of console commands. He was asked whether the firm would be bringing console commands to the PS4.

At the moment, we can not really speculate about Fallout 5 as Fallout 4 as only just made its way out. Would you add this to your inventory if it were officially added to the game?

Dedicated waste-landers have used console commands to scour the games data for secrets, to great success. A Fallout 4cheat allows players to instantly level-up their characters to their desired level or the rank where you lost your progress.

Fallout 4 is already full of secrets and things that can be easily missed, but there are a few things in the game that players will never naturally discover. Heck, games before had cheat codes available for consoles and using them didn’t result to the corruption of save files. Furthermore, the company has announced that the fix for these bugs will come first on the PC platform and soon followed by the patch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

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