“Medical [chemical] abortion is actually performed in early pregnancy with TWO pills, the first – RU-486 – mifepristone or Mifeprex, antagonizes the hormone progesterone, which is necessary for pregnancy”.

If you’re reading this in America, we do not have to point out that abortion laws are quickly being chipped away in this country, so if the stunt goes off successfully, perhaps we’ve found a patriotic new use for your drone other than fireworks videos this Fourth of July.

So Women on Waves – in collaboration with Cocia Basia, Feminteka Foundation and Porozumienie kobiet 8 marc – have organised this small drone to fly across the German/Poland border and deliver WHO-approved pills into a country with far more restrictive abortion laws than the majority of Europe.

Women on Waves will take both parts of the two-part RU 486 abortion drug to Poland. According to groups, an estimated 48,000 underground abortions take place in the country every year. They will be received by a handful of bold women seeking abortions who have coordinated with the advocacy group ahead of timeWomen on Waves founder and director Rebecca Gomperts told Fusion in an email-along with a few local advocacy groups offering support.

Gomperts said Poland was chosen because of the lack of awareness around their abortion laws, but if the mission is a success, it could also be deployed to Ireland, where women can only have abortions if their lives are at serious risk. But there’s a future for it as a delivery model.

Technically, the pills themselves are not illegal, but taking them without the approval of state officials is, meaning activists could potentially be prosecuted for the illegal provision of abortion.

“It’s the first time we’re doing something like this, so we don’t know what the Government’s going to do”.

Gomperts says this means “the drone can deliver the medication directly to women in Poland who need it, safely”. Access to abortions have been limited since 1993, and now women are only allowed to have them in the case of rape, incest, or if a mother’s life is threatened by the fetus.

They have the same health impact as a spontaneous miscarriage.

The pro-abortion organization that formerly ran the abortion boat that distributed the risky abortion pill in worldwide waters outside pro-life nations that protect unborn children has come up with a new marketing scheme to push abortion in pro-life nations: drones. But to feminist groups in Europe, they could be an essential tool for providing women with access to abortion. Even then, it’s still very tough to get an abortion.

Courtesy Women on Waves

Drone-delivered abortion pills planned for Saturday – ABC-7.com WZVN News