Though their participation in the 2010 elections declined steeply, there are signs today that the youth have a vested interest in politics, particularly when there is an exciting candidate who speaks to their liberal-leaning values.


Rihanna also brought up Trump.

On a lighter note, seems like West has just managed to find his presidential running mate. When pressed whether she’d vote for the Louis Vuitton Don, Clinton shrewdly said, “I think it depends on who he’d be running against.”

Last Sunday, when West spoke what was on his mind at the time, he took 12 minutes to do it, in an often rambling speech.

In 2009, West infamously crashed the MTV Video Music Awards stage during Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video for “You Belong With Me”. “I’m voting for Kanye“, Ice Cube said.

Since making his lovely announcement on the VMAs final week, the rapper has been steadily incomes endorsements from his fellow celebrities. “Perhaps I ought to do this, ‘ that is superior”.

NBC said its “Carmichael Show” debuted last week to 4.8 million viewers, the largest audience for any summertime comedy in eight years.

With Kanye West now poised to make a run for United States president, some of his high-profile pals in the music game are, for some reason, throwing their support behind the rapper.

Though the former boy-bander wasn’t in attendance to watch Kanye’s awkward speech go down at the VMAs, he was quick to respond. “Kanye’s seriously considering campaigning right now and one of the ways he’s thinking about doing it is to get his message to the people through his music”, a source told Hollywoodlife.

Justin Bieber who returned to perform at the awards show for the first time in two years got pretty emotional towards the end of his performance of personal songs “Where Are U NowWhat Do You Mean?”


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