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Drowned WWII aircraft carrier USS Independence researched after 65 years

USS Independence was the hero of World War II. During the battle near the Philippines with the Japanese ship, it sank it and won the

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NASA believes that low level of ice in the Arctic sea is normal

In the modern reality the reduced level of the ice in the Arctic sea it is a new standard. However, twenty years ago this new

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Chinese Mars rover and probe for 2020 expedition was shown
The Chinese officials gave the audience from across the world to enjoy the view of the rover and Mars probe that will be used during the long-awaited mission to the ...
NASA is watching for Arctic Ice reduction
NASA has never stopped following the changes that happen in the Arctic Sea. And the Ice has never stopped melting. Ice, Cloud, and the Land Elevation Satellite, which is usually simply ...
Coral Castles
Dead coral reef revives and amazes scientists
It has already become known as Zombie reef, and all this because it rose from the dead. At least, that is what scientists assumed ten years back. This discovery may give ...
An oldest European tree exists during 1000 years
The oldest pine tree in Greece and in Europe is called Adonis, and it reached its 1075-years-old anniversary. European scientists discovered the tree that lives for more than 1000 years already, ...
American Total Eclipse of the Sun on 21 of August 2017
According to recent information, the complete eclipse of the sun will take place in America, one year later. So, fans of the astronomy, pack your bags. The day earlier one year ...
New proof that mankind evolved from ancient fish
It was not news for science that humans developed from a small fish, the relative of modern tetrapods. This fish can stay at the surface longer than others and even move ...
Satellite images give new data about wrecks inside the Great Lakes
Archaeologists rarely look at the sky when they are going to explore the territory that probably contains ancient fossils. However, new technologies can give more information about these places. For example, ...
Mexican Codex Selden hidden inside another document may contain secrets of Mixtec life
Thanks to the new technologies and scanning techniques researchers from Oxford University was able to read ancient manuscript Codex Selden that laid hidden inside another document of 16 century. The Codex ...

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