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cruise ship

Smart Cruise Ship Senses When Passengers Get Sea Sick

The $1 billion Quantum of the Seas was recently launched by Royal Caribbean and is touted the “smartest cruise ship in history”. It has robot

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female domestic argument

Attorneys Struggling to Keep Up with Rising Gay Divorce Rates

February 9, 2015 – Louisville judge Joseph O-Reilly granted permission recently for two women to become divorced, according to sources. As of January 2015, Kentucky

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Pepsi Official Soft Drink of Super Bowl
Super Bowl XIV Was Too Popular
February 6, 2015 – Sources in the sports word have reported the 114.4 million viewers of Super Bowl XIV were far too many for statisticians to handle. The number of ...
Man Holding his Head
ISIS Getting Bored with Beheading
Jordan – February 6, 2015 – Insider reports suggest that the militant group ISIS is getting bored with the beheadings it has recently become notable for. Apparently it still loves ...
Man makes $250,000 Dollars Overnight
A man has made $250,000 dollars in just one night. It was a great night, according to his publicist who was hired just before the stroke of midnight of the ...
Local Optometrist Says Marketing Firm Wrong About SEO Eyecharts
New York, NY – January 20, 2015 – Manhattan optometrist Susan K. Warringer said today that a local marketing firm pushing the use of SEO eyecharts does not have enough ...
Group of people worshiping google glass. 3d Render
Optometrist Kicks Out Patient for Refusing to Remove Google Glasses
Cape May, NJ –A Columbia Avenue optometrist forced a patient to leave on Tuesday for refusing to remove his Google Glasses during an examination, a Cape May journalist reported. Dr. ...