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Apple and HBO are expected to launch streaming service next month

Starting in April, consumers will be able to subscribe to “HBO Now” directly from HBO for the first time, rather than through a cable, satellite

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spiderman at Hong Kong

Drew Goddard Is Rumored to Be New Spider-Man’s Director

Rumor has it that Drew Goddard will be writing and directing the new Spider-Man reboot. Many of you probably know Goddard for his work on

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Leonard Nimoy Hollywood Tribute
Hollywood Mourns the Loss of Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock from Star Trek, died Friday at the age of 83 after battling COPD. Nimoy was taken to the hospital and treated for lung disease ...
Night shot of Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle in Fantasyland
Can Disney Replicate the Quirky Appeal of Frozen?
The Disney (NYSE:DIS) animated film, Frozen, really took the studio by surprise. In fact, many Disney executives thought that Frozen would not make any money. This is the reason why ...
Students internet computer addiction sitting bench
Why are Millenials so Happy?
Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is that segment of the population that was born from 1981 to 1996. The millennials pose certain demographic challenges to the American economy.  First, ...
Game Of Thrones
Will Milla Jovovich Star in George R.R. Martin’s ‘In the Lost Lands’?
The hit TV series Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire, has been a huge success for HBO. So much ...
Katy Perry at the "The Smurfs 2" Los Angeles Premiere, Village T
Top 4 Moments from the Super Bowl Halftime Show
Top 4 Moments from the Super Bowl Halftime Show Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game; others for the halftime show. And unless you were living under a rock ...
Missy Elliot will Join Katy Perry in the Super Bowl Halftime Show
When Katy Perry announced that she would be playing the Super Bowl halftime show, rumors spread that she’d be bringing along a special guest. Most fans speculated that it would ...
A refugee camp in iraq
Angelina Jolie Asking the Global Community for Help for Refugees and Displaced Victims
Angelina Jolie is requesting worldwide action and attention for Iraqis and Syrian refugees after visiting the camps in January. The 39-year-old filmmaker and special envoy of the United Nations High ...
Arabian Terrorist
American Sniper’ Movie Causes Concerns For US Muslim Group
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has expressed their concerns that the movie, released this month, “American Sniper”, has caused an increase in violence towards Muslims. The movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, ...

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