touch screen car dashboardOne of the biggest problems succeeding a giant in your industry is the fact that you will have to live up to out-sized expectations. At the very least, people expect you to not screw up the progress and success made by your predecessor. This type of pressure happens to all companies. If you’re the new guy and you are stepping into somebody’s shoes, you better bring your best game. However, if we’re talking about the largest company in the world as measured in market valuation, the pressure is on a completely different level.

This is precisely the position Apple’s Tim Cook is in. He is expected to come up with products that would at least keep the torch passed to him by Steve Jobs alive. That’s a tall order. As you probably already know, the iPad is not exactly breaking new sales records. In fact, it’s actually struggling. According to sales trends, it might even suffer the fate of Apple’s computer products. This is not exactly a pretty situation. While there will always be demand for Apple tablets, it is far from the complete sales domination of its market.

In light of all this, it’s easy to understand why Apple is swinging for the fences judging by its car project. According to industry reports, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is working on revolutionizing the automotive industry by coming up with an Apple-designed car. While this project is sure to incorporate a lot of wireless and lifestyle technologies that Apple has been pioneering recently, I suspect that the biggest motivation for this project is the pressure on Tim Cook to step out of the shadow of Steve Jobs. If Tim Cook is able to pull off the Apple car successfully and reinvent the automotive industry, he would’ve made his mark on American corporate history. At that point, he will no longer be measured based on Steve Jobs’ accomplishments. He would have set his own standard.

The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Car and Tim Cook’s Steve Jobs Problem