Couple standing in front of their Optician StoreAs more and more consumers access the Internet through mobile devices, the rules of local business marketing has changed. It used to be the case that you only needed to provide great service to a local customer base to develop a solid local brand. Not anymore.

In fact, even if your local business has become a local institution, that isn’t enough to ensure your business will remain relevant in your local area. Why? Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to make local buying decisions. Simply put, if they can’t find your business through search results or through social media, your brand is less credible than competitors who are more visible online.


Owners of local optometry practices need to take note.
The solution, of course, is search engine optimization (SEO). While you yourself can tweak your local optometry website, online content, and your brand’s mentions on other sites, you might be creating more problems than you are solving. SEO takes a long time to master. One small mistake can make your site invisible as far as Google is concerned. Here are three reasons why you should look into hiring a professional local SEO firm to promote your business.


Local SEO firms aren’t as expensive as you think


Many optometrists, along with other business owners, think professional local SEO services costs an arm and a leg. Not true. Most firms actually charge in the neighborhood of $300 to $600. Instead of looking at this an expense, look at it as an investment. The right firm can help you get targeted customers and, more importantly, keep your local brand credible and relevant in your local market.

You are assured of more predictable results


While you can always try to do SEO yourself, your results might be spotty. After all, you haven’t spent years learning the craft of SEO and knowing the ins and outs of this highly specialized form of online marketing. Hiring a local SEO firm which specializes in ranking optometry practices gets rid of all the guesswork and uneven results. Your results are more predictable and stable.


You stay one step ahead of your competition


If you hire the right company, even if your competitors hire SEO experts, you still stay competitive. However, if you were to do your own SEO, you have to step your skills up if you don’t want your business’ rankings to get buried. It can be an endless frustrating race especially if most of your time is spent managing your business instead of learning the latest and greatest SEO techniques.


If you want your site to rank well on Google and other search engines, you shouldn’t roll the dice with your site’s online visibility by doing SEO on your own. Get professional expertise today. Local SEO firms aren’t as expensive as you think. Also, your investment ensures more predictable results that can keep your site ranking higher than your competition-regardless of whether they get professional SEO services or not. You owe it to your business’ continued viability in today’s highly competitive mobile Internet Age to invest in highly competent professional local SEO services.

Jacob Maslow is an experienced specialist in Local internet marketing for the optometry field. He has an extensive background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is an expert SEO strategist and e-marketing manager. Jacob has a passion for the kind of in-the-trenches work that gets effective results fast, and he is continually refining his SEO efforts to top yesterday’s results for his clients. The internet keeps growing and changing, and the world of SEO is evolving right along with it. Jacob thrives in this dynamic, ever-changing climate, which allows him to stay challenged and hone his skills to help his clients to excel and thrive. Combining hard numbers with creative thinking, Jacob will work closely with product manufacturers, vendors, purchasing departments and outsourcing firms to design strategies that provide long-lasting value. His specialties include SEO Strategy, e-Commerce Conversion Rates, eBay, Amazon, Internet Marketing Management, Link Building Campaigns, Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns, Link Building Strategies, User Acquisition and more.
3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do SEO for your Optometry Practice Yourself